Genetic Engineering

So why is genetic engineering so dangerous? Well, genetic engineering enables scientists to create other things such as plants, animals and microorganisms by manipulating genes in a particular way that naturally does not occure. These genetically modified organism spread and interbreed with natural organisms and contaminate the non-genetically engineered organisms. It then contaminates the environment we currently live in and, therefore, ruins the environment for future generations in ways that we are unable to determine now. Also, once it starts to spread and cross contaminate the unaltered enviroments, we are unable to control the effects, whether they are good or bad. Green Peace states that the release is called "genetic pollution" and is a major threat because genetically modified organisms cannot be recalled once they are released into the environment.
I don't think that genetically modifying anything is safe because there isn't enough evidence out there to verify if the effects are safe or not and what the effects on the environment in the future can be.

Disadvantages/Dangers of Genetic Engineering

In Microorganisms:
*horizontal gene transfer
*creation of dangerous novel pathogens and
diseases which may escape containment
*spread of antibiotic resistance
*viral recombination of supposedly crippled viruses

In Plants (Food):
*creation of new invasive species (super-weeds)
*contamination of organic/non-GM crops/food with
*loss of biodiversity of farm wildlife
*loss of crop genetic diversity increases famine risk
*more dependence on herbicides
*increase in herbicide use to control volunteers (weedy crop
*horizontal gene transfer into soil and gut microorganisms
*spread of antibiotic resistance marker genes
*genomic instability
*allergenicity of foods
*novel toxicity of foods
*crossing 'species barriers'
*chemical/seed corporations control food supply
*toxins from GM plant debris affect soil flora/fauna
*genetic instability of transgenic lines
*increased risk of pesticide/herbicide resistance
*live recombinant (cancer) viruses from virus-resistant GM
*genetic pollution multiplies
*unsustainable agriculture

In Animals:
*violation of integrity of animal (crossing species barriers)
*increased instrumentalisation of animals
*animal suffering
*zoonoses (GM animal to human disease transfer in
*creation of new viral diseases through transfer

In People:
*a new tool for eugenicists (IVF, diagnosis, selection)
*iatrogenic death/illness from gene therapy
*potential for creating a genetic underclass
*instrumentalisation of the one individual by others
('designer babies')
*transmission of adverse effects of germ line manipulation
*creation of GM human beings (embryos) to supply body
*iatrogenic illness from drugs made by genetic engineering,
e.g. insulin
*risk of mutation from trans-species transfer of 'jumping
*creation of superviruses by viral recombination in human
cell culture
*cancer from gene therapy viral vectors recombining with
endogenous viruses

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